Victoria Falls – Part 2 – Stupid Human Tricks & Zambezi River Sunset Cruise

The iconic Victoria Falls Bridge is a steel arch supporting a railway and a road 420 ft above the Zambezi river, over the canyon that is just downstream and around a bend from the falls.  It crosses the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia.  In the center they let stupid people people pay to jump off…


I’m stupid – I jumped off.  Watch the video to see me get hurt…

It turns out I was 2 kg too heavy for the bungee and they’re pretty strict about it after the 2012 accident where the cord snapped (but the girl lived and was not badly hurt).  The upside is that with their weight limit of 120kg , it means I’d lost about 20 pounds in the last 2 weeks!  Regardless, I got videos of this self inflicted torture.  I badly pinched a nerve on the swing when the rope went taught and the harness jerked.  It hurt for the next 2 weeks until jostling around while standing in the safari truck (holding onto crash-bars) snapped something back into place and the pain instantly disappeared.



The next day was a walking tour of Vic Falls Park in Zimbabwe…

A view from the end of the falls:



The Devil’s Cataract – a small diversion on the far end of the Zimbabwe side of the falls (hidden in the previous pic):



The Devil’s Pool (or Hot Tub) on the edge of the falls…  Too bad this was fully booked, or I’d have done it:



Then you get to the Zambia side, which is dry during low water:



…then a border crossing (on the bridge) to stay in Livingstone Backpackers (a really great hostel with a great vibe) on the Zambia side for an early flight the next morning.


When I got there, a British girl was giving a tattoo to a French girl (and did a great job), and people were hanging by the pool.  I had nothing to do all day but hang with other backpackers – which was a lot of fun.

I did book a sunset cruise on the upper Zambezi river that night in nearby Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park…



…Where I hung out with Jocelyn and Marie, 2 Swedish nursing students who were working for school credit in Livingstone 4 days a week for 2 months, and exploring the region on weekends (sorry for the blurry cell phone pic).


A hippo on the Zambezi:



…and the Sunset:



Next – off to Cape Town!


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