The Cape of Good Hope

I had an 8 pm flight to Arusha (via Johannesburg and Nairobi), thus needed todrop off the rental car around 6 pm.  I checked out of the hostel around 8 am and tried to take the gondola lift up Table Mountain… and found a HUGE line… so I decided to drive down to the Cape of Good Hope… the Cape in Cape Town.

On the way, I stopped by Boulder’s Beach, which is known for African Penguins.cgh5


And the first animal I met was a Rock Hyrax just sitting on a tree branch at eye level.  It’s really creepy seeing a 10 lb rodent in a tree – especially when he’s just staring at you.


Then along a path, a couple bucks to get thru the gate, and bam… penguins:



…and got some decent video of swimming Penguins while standing in a crowd of people overlooking the beach…


Back on the road to get down to the cape.  The landscape really reminded me of driving the Pacific Coast Highway thru Big Sur in California



First stop – the Cape Point lighthouse


On the way to the actual Cape Point, there are a few Ostrich – which I totally did not expect to see here… cgh10

It is commonly assumed that this is the southernmost point in Africa – totally not true.  The actual southernmost point in Africa (and dividing line between the Indian and Atlantic Oceans) is still 93 miles further to the Southeast at Cape Agulhas.  The Cape of Good Hope is the first major landmark where ships coming down the West Coast of Africa turn form heading mostly South to heading mostly East.




Another nice drive back to Cape Town, drop off the rental car, snag some food, and board my 8pm flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg to Nairobi to Arusha.

Cape Town International is a very nice airport.  Well thought out, and you get free luggage carts everywhere…. but it was a little confusing, as the booking flight was Kenya Airways, but it was really on a small code share airline – thus not listed anywhere in the departing flights.  A little assistance from the helpful airport staff, and I was on my way to my Tanzania Safaris!!


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