Getting to Arusha, Tanzania

Sept 8-9, 2016

I spent a lot of time in airplanes and airports… Columbus to Boston to Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro.

The flight from Columbus was a small Delta Connect flight.  The plane was cramped, and AC wasn’t working, so it was hot until we took off.  I had just enough time in Boston to grab a snack and get on the next flight.

From Boston to Amsterdam, I upgraded to Delta Comfort Plus ($80) for a few inches of extra legroom and more recline.  Totally worth it.  I ended up sitting next to a rather eccentric woman named “The Prophetess Mary” (you can look her up on YouTube).  She had all kinds of stuff as carry-on luggage and in the overhead… so when I went to get my headphones, all kinds of small boxes fell out and onto some poor Dutch guy in the row ahead of me.  I felt bad about it until he kept whining for 10 minutes and I checked the box that hit his head – to discover that weighed about 2 ounces.

“The Prophetess” kept going on about how much she loves her smartphone and she couldn’t live without it.  Being a total nerd, I asked her if she’s into Predictive Analytics Algorithms for Mobile Devices (figuring a prophetess would like predictive things).  That quickly ended the conversation, and I was able to relax and watch the horrible sequel to the already bad Divergent movie and the predictable ending to The Hunger Games series.

2 Hours in the AMS airport, some food, and an even longer flight.  No upgrades, but a nice seat and a chance to watch the 2nd sequel to Divergent movie (they get worse as you go).  Then finally re-watched the latest Star Wars: The Force Awakens (much better than Divergent or Hunger Games).

… Anyway… landing in Kili, 300-400 people get off the plane, walk a few hundred feed across the tarmac, and immediately start looking for pens so they can fill out the necessary immigration forms.


I already had my Tanzania Visa thanks to the recommendation of Kirsten at Alacrity Lifestyles, (full disclosure: they hired me to be their Director of Social Media, so you’ll be hearing a lot about their services).  Getting thru the lines and into the car was chaotic with so many people, but much easier for me than for most, as I was met by the rep from Proud African Safaris to speed me thru the lines – literally jumping ahead of more than 100 people.

After meeting Adam (P.A.’s owner, my Safari guide in about 3 weeks, & camera shy) and Zubeda (P.A.’s Director of Office Operations, and my Host/Liason in Arusha)…


…we drove to the Lake Duluti Lodge in Arusha.  Wow… Nice Place!  Check out the Meet & Greet area:



And my sweet private Bungalow (360 Pano – click & drag the image):

The bathroom was even better… but I didn’t get a pic.


…And after well over 24 hours of driving and flying with no real sleep, I slept…

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