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2016 Africa Trip

Tanzania Safari Day 1 – The Great Migration crossing the Mara River 0

Tanzania Safari Day 1 – The Great Migration crossing the Mara River

Oct 7 – 2016 – Northern Serengeti Game Drive & The Great Migration crosing the Mara River If you’ve ever seen a BBC/PBS documentary on the Great Migration, you’ve probably heard narration by Sir...


The Cape of Good Hope

I had an 8 pm flight to Arusha (via Johannesburg and Nairobi), thus needed todrop off the rental car around 6 pm.  I checked out of the hostel around 8 am and tried to...


Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

I’m not sure I can faithfully convey how cool this experience was… Alacrity Lifestyles booked 2 days of Gorilla Treks in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest (a National Park in Uganda) through the well known and respected...



When I was a kid, I LOVED a movie called Hugo the Hippo, which takes place in Zanzibar – an archipelago of islands about 20 miles into the Indian Ocean from Dar es Salaam...


Hiking Kilimanjaro – The Finish

And now, the conclusion to our saga… Sept 16-18 Sept 16 – Day 6 of the trek – getting to Barafu (base camp) I woke up feeling pretty tired, and not really hungry.  I...


Hiking Kilimanjaro – The Middle

Sept 13-15 Sept 13 – Day 3 of the Trek The next morning, the mountain was still there… We hiked about 6.5 miles across the Shira Caldera to camp 2 (12,000 ft).  I didn’t...